Saturday, August 19, 2017

Don't believe the rumors about health. The authorities say that Chinese people are healthy when they eat like this

ring ight,
eat dinner every day to drink 6 cups of water,
not only to happy fruit lollies! Are these the weight loss regimen youve heard a lot? Are these all correct? The key is,
are they suitable for Chinese people? How should Chinese people eat to be healthy? Lets put off those rumors about health! Take a look at the dietary guidelines recommended by the most authoritative department in China for the most suitable for Chinese residents! State Health Planning Commission 13 on the dietary guidelines for residents of China (2016) held a press conference,
the new version of dietary guidelines what changes? New small (cns2012) for you one by one inventory.
fruit can no longer be eaten,
and many people associate eat more fruit with a healthy diet.
The new guide tells you,
its a big mistake.
! The guidelines suggest eating 200-350g fresh fruit a day,
a decrease in the value of the 200-400g.
Many fruits are sweet,
high in sugar,
and high in energy,
says Sun Guiju,
a professor at the South

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