Saturday, August 19, 2017

The 63 year old kneel this domestic movie implores us to support really Bimei team 3 okay

ring ning of May 12th,
a middle-aged man on the live platform to kneel down to the audience video fire.
At first I thought the same as you,
and I thought it was a boring stunt like an electric drill to eat corn.
I was wrong! The man who kneels is a famous producer.
Ever made Guanyin Mountain two exposure and other films he never ever meet again to the national theater manager for being released bainiaozhaofeng for row piece,
start taking a dialogue with the manager: your hand is the movies reins,
I know you have pressure,
to pay the rent,
there are performance index.
But dont forget,
youre in the movies! There are fifty-two weekends a year,
and this weekend,
can you get a gold field,
to prove that you have feelings,
love movies! Im sure your boss wont fire you! As long as you are bainiaozhaofeng row piece,
my old kowtow to you immediately,
without demur,
give you kneel down! He was in the lens Fang kneel,
and continuously knock two heads,
in addition to the theat

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