Saturday, August 19, 2017

The scale of the market as high as 100 billion, where is the next outlet of intelligent hardware?

ring t hardware is the next air outlet,
and no one will deny it.
smart bracelet as intelligent hardware entrepreneurial wave is among the most active branch of a business,
even in the smart watch apple,
Samsung and other international giants listed before,
many domestic entrepreneurs launched the first.
But have to say,
in the field of science and technology hardware,
although the domestic watch products listed earlier,
but did not seize the market dividend.
In the end,
the smart watch market is mainly divided by apple and Samsung these two giants.
In 2016,
where is the next outlet for the smart hardware? As intelligent hardware vanguard wearable devices,
how to break the can install B but ran and eggs curse? Come on,
listen to the Northeast Securities senior analyst Zou Lanlan electronics industry in the new wealth come in period seventy-ninth wonderful to share.
Zou Lanlan: Good evening,
I am Northeast Securities analyst Zou Lanlan health industry,
New Fortune magazine tonight sho

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